Frequently asked questions

New Applicants

I need to find a place to rent, what do I do first?

Take a look at all our available properties and see what suits your needs, your budget and any other requirements you may have.

I have found somewhere I like, what now?

If you haven't already, contact us to arrange a viewing. If you are happy then we can begin the referencing process.

What does 'referencing' involve?

When we do our referencing we want to make sure you don't overstrech yourself financially. This will involve our referencing company Rent4Sure doing a credit check, an employment income reference and your past landlords references.

What happens if I fail referencing?

If you fail referencing it is still possible for you to move into your new home. We would require a gurantor, they don't need to be a homeowner, but they do need to be in employment.

What is a guarantor?

If the tenant is not approved by the referencing process, they can ask a guarantor to support them. A guarantor will agree to take joint responsibility for the rent of the property if the tenant fails to.

What does a guarantor need to do?

A guarantor undertakes the same referencing process as any tenant. So they will have their credit checked by Rent4Sure and their income reference completed to ensure they earn enough to cover the tenants rent if they ever fall short.

What happens to my bond?

When you decide to rent with us and you have passed referencing you will need to pay a bond (usually equal to one months rent). This is then held by the DPS (Deposit Protection Service) who are a government certified company that act as an impartial party for all tenants, landlords and agents involved to ensure the best resolution is reached for everyone in the event of any dispute regarding the release of the bond.


What is an inspection?

We will, approximately every 6 months, conduct a property inspection to ensure that you and the landlord are still happy with everything in the property.

How do I renew my contract?

When it comes to the end of your current tenancy agreement you may have the option to renew, in this instance we will charge a fee to draw up your new contract once this has been actioned we shall issue your new tenacy agreement to you to be signed, you will get two copies, one to keep and one to return to us in the envelope enclosed with these documents.

How much notice do I need to give to move out of my property?

When ending a tenancy you need to give 30 days notice to leave. This means you need to give us your notice prior to paying your final rent installment.

If there is a problem what do I do?

If there is a problem in your property such as your boiler not working or an electrical fault then please give us a call or email and we shall look to get any problem rectified for you as quickly as we can. Our contact number is 01443 300535.

Can I decorate the property?

If you want to decorate your property you require direct permission from the landlord. If you wish to do this give us a call and we can submit your request to them.

What happens if I can't make a payment on-time?

If you are struggling financially please give us a call so we can discuss your options for getting back up to date with your rental payments.

I am having a maintenence issue, what do I do?

If you have a maintenence issue, please give us a call on 01443 300535.


I want to buy a property, where do I start?

Before you do anything you need to work out your affordability to see what kind of mortgage is available to you. What you need to do is set up a meeting with a mortgage/ financial advisor and discuss with them where you stand financially. Give us a call if you would like us to put you in touch with a financial advisor.

I have found a house I want to buy, whats next?

Once you have viewed the house you would like to buy you next need to make an offer on the property that you feel is appropriate for that paticular property which we can then present to the vendor (seller).

How long will it take for my purchase to complete?

Every sale is different and depends on every parties situation to how quickly a sale will take to complete.

What if my offer is rejected?

We will put forward all reasonable offers which in the event that the vendor rejects it, you are able to make counter offers if you feel comfortable offering a higher price.

Landlords And Vendors

I own a house that I would like to rent it out can you help me?

Yes we can! We offer some highly competitive packages for renting out your property including a managed package and a find only tenant package. We can talk with you to discuss what is the best package to suit your needs.

Why should I choose Lion?

We are a great option for you due to over 35 years of experience in the industry and having a great knowledge of the area. We will always quailfy tenants before taking thier application further to ensure that they are the most suitable type of tenant to fit your needs.